The Bay Area duo AirBattle have just released their new EP, Infidels, via High Intensity Records. The four songs that make up this project are all from different genres; dubstep, electro, trap and glitch hop are what you can expect to hear. You’d better peep all of them because the work these guys put into it shows. Sound design is especially noteworthy on the tracks “Infidel” and “The Comeback Pt. 2” which features Jason Horecky. But that doesn’t take away from the others like “Murder”, the explosive electro banger that carries the most energy on the EP. Lastly, let’s not forget the record “Everything”; the trap tune that is a sort of bonus add-on. That track is a free download, while the other three are available for purchase on Beatport.
Free Download of “Everything”
Purchase EP On Beatport