While Your EDM tends to focus on bigger names within Trance, it is always a treat to find exceptional quality from rapidly emerging artists. Hidden talent Mark Eteson proudly represents the town of Swindon with his unique brand of euphoric and joyous Progressive Trance that keenly edges between the delicate tightrope of Progressive House. Even though his notoriety is unknown to many, his incredibly rich and wondrous sound has captivated and inspired those who are lucky enough to catch him spinning live. As the currant resident DJ in the legendary Hakkasan nightclub in Las Vegas, (as well as the leader of 3 highly successful radio shows), his silent but golden musical abilities have gradually earned the respect of industry leaders such as Armin van Buuren and Above & Beyond, who have stated that, “[Eteson] is one of those DJ’s that truly understands and made it his own“, and “is also a magician!“. Eteson now tackles the beginning of 2014 on a strong note with his incredibly fresh single entitled Come Alive, which has already received heavy support from W&W, Maarten de Jong and Alex M.O.R.P.H. Come Alive has seriously taken us aback with its deep, resonant atmosphere and his glowing craftsmanship effortlessly broadcasts his brilliant aural personality towards the hearts of die hard Trance fans.



What makes this piece so revolutionary is that it’s the first piece in a really long time that really nails the mysterious divide between Trance and House. There have been so many attempts to bridge that gap throughout the years, but many often fall short of  expectations. It’s true that Prog House and Trance are finally starting to merge into one, unified sound, but no one has ever successfully hit that tiny sweet spot that eludes so many endeavors. However, Eteson has taken that sweet spot and smashed it into the stratosphere, as his stunningly elegant timbres completely embrace its House qualities in full, effortless design. It’s soft enough for that distinct, sunkissed Trance touch, but powerful enough to really energize a crowd during peak time hours. Eteson‘s magnificent chordal play seamlessly blends together within its massively euphoric melodies and the attention to detail and quality remains as one of his strongest attributes. I’m not one who usually supports Trouse, (since a majority of it falls short of the standards we have set for track coverage), but Come Alive successfully fuses both genres into something new and captivating for the breathtaking dawn of 2014.

Mark Eteson‘s new single, Come Alive, is now available on Monster Tunes via Beatport, so make sure you grab this stunning piece today.


Keep the music alive. -Q


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/come-alive/1224773