Earlier today Thump released a “lyrics only” music video for Zedd‘s newest single “Find You.” The track continues Zedd’s saga of blending contemporary pop  with his high energy house music.  “Find You” will be the theme song for Zedd’s partnership with Bud  Light Platinum, which launches January 26th at this year’s Grammy Awards.

Zedd solicited help from Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant to co-write the track and to provide the vocals.

“Whenever I need help on a top-line they are my go-to people,” he says. “Once Miriam and Matt sang their parts on ‘Find You,’ it was impossible to fake that emotion, which is the reason I kept both on the song.” -Zedd

This is your first opportunity to check out the new single, which is available for pre-order through iTunes here. Check out “Find You” below and let us know how you think it stacks up next to his previous chart topping singles “Clarity” and “Stay The Night.”



Quote Source: Billboard