Animbus’ “Song Of The Day”

He came from humble beginnings with his foray into progressive house remixes that gained massive amounts of traction with support from Tiesto, Kaskade, and many others. However, Josh Cohen has developed as an artist and an individual since then; and with this maturation a project of epic proportions has been birthed. The creation of a new genre in it’s entirety: Cinematic-Indie.

The creation of this entirely new idea with unique production format, structure, incredible story-telling, and top of the line composition behind these tracks; Stereoshock aims to provide an entirely new experience for his listeners. With this desire to create a new experience, he has graced us with a giveaway of a pair of V-MODA BassFreq Premium Noise-Isolating Earbuds in conjunction with his latest release. Enter below:

In his latest: The Messenger, he does just that.

Following the story of a young man carrying a message to his locale that will surely result in war, he is too late so save those dearest to him as he must, poetically, leave behind his past youth and innocence.

It’s brilliantly produced, incredibly well written, and an overall masterpiece. Stereoshock, you will forever have a place in my heart and there is nothing more impressive than the creation of a new genre and a new experience for us that are apart of such a diluted community.

Get ready to feel.