Jakarta’s own LTN is truly the man of the hour as of late, as his tireless production schedule and constant output of releases has put him on the fast track towards a searing hot streak. We here at Your EDM just covered him last week on his stellar Teardrops/Hopes And Fears EP on Enhanced Progressive and already, he has another work of art that’s ready to be shipped and processed for numerous DJ sets. This time, it’s a cool collaboration between aspiring Canadian artist Jayeson Andel, who’s inspiring Progressive Trance tracks have found their way into the libraries of Ruben de Ronde, Pedro del Mar and Arty. As the new head A&R of the fantastic Nueva Digital imprint, he strives to find a unique balance between the soft, serene side of Progressive and the more banging side of Trance-influenced Progressive House. What really makes his career fascinating is his obsession of discovering audacious experimental tracks to utilize for a set and has done so with specialized talents such as Trifonic, The M Machine and Lissat & Voltaxx. This unusual desire towards the underground smoothly translates into his productions from time to time and when the time is right, his bold assertions of creativity cultivates in fantastic, original pieces that are completely his own, (which is the case with his unorthodox ‘Steampunk‘ mix of his collaboration with LTN entitled Clockwork). With machines as the basis of indigenous inspiration, Andel seeks to crush genre boundaries underneath the flag of pure ingenuity.


The beginning of the piece starts out with an incredibly crunchy synth that scrapes through the section that’s quickly stabilized with the usage of crisp percussion, clean Progressive ostinatos and funky basslines. These contrasting styles are a battle of power that rocks back and forth for a while until they finally start working together towards a unified motif. The breakdown is much different that the experimental beginning, as we start to see the beauty that Jayeson can offer in the form of rich, harmonious Progressive pads, reverbed, robotic vocal timbres and the subtle sounds of birds off in the distance. Slowly, it begins to develop into a normal buildup, but instead of continuing on with the standard method of progression, the return of the coarse, grating bassline throws a wrench into the entire arrangement. The drop itself is one of the most original drops we have heard in a very long time and the brazen defiance at traditional values really showcases the sheer, untapped creativity that lie beneath his fingertips. Within a backdrop of faint vocal breaths, an exchange commences between a multitude of gritty bass synths as a fantastic sub-bass instrument joyously flips between sixteenth and triplet note runs in a truly magnificent minimalist style. We personally wish that he continues on with this experimentation streak, because this track is a clear example of how true human ingenuity works at its finest.

Jayeson Andel‘s Steampunk mix of his and LTN‘s collaboration, Clockwork, is now available on Silk Royal via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent today! Also make sure to check out the LTN mix as well!


Keep the music alive. -Q