Arguably considered the unofficial king of Tech Trance, the torrential force that is Mark Sherry has been making a huge comeback for 2014 and it seems like every single release is only accelerating his astounding success. For those of you who may not know, Sherry was a fearsome juggernaut within the Trance scene during the earlier years of Trance and his unusual Tech sound brought about a new revolution in producers, sounds and styles. As an integral part of the massive Detox Records, he was responsible for elevating the label as one of the, (if not the most), leading Tech Trance labels on the planet and discovered outstanding artists such as Joey V, Tigran Oganezov and Gleave. Recently, Sherry has been on fire with a slew of remixes including a fresh one for Markus Schulz‘s Remember This, along with his massive remix to Max Graham‘s The Evil ID, which to this day is still making the rounds in occasional DJ sets. Additionally, his BXR flavored remixes to Will Atkinson‘s Atkinsane and Aly & Fila and Giuseppe Ottaviani‘s Beautiful People has been crashing down on sets with its unique infusion of Tech and Techno. He himself is no stranger to Techno, as the end of his radio show features three distinct Techno tracks, as well as some goodies that are peppered throughout his live sets. many years, he has finally decided to open up shop with a brand new record label entitled Outburst Records and the first release is a blistering Techno remix pack from one of his older productions entitled Live & Learn.



Mark Sherry- Live & Learn (Joint Operations Centre Remix)


The infamous Joint Operations Centre is actually an alias of the mighty John O’Callaghan, and this alter ego has been essential in establishing the artist’s elite profile as well as his stature as an artist who can produce much more than just the usual Uplifting Trance. Back in the day, JOC was utilized for more experimental productions and was mainly utilized for bone cracking Tech Trance or face crushing 140 BPM Techno. These days, the JOC alias is more in tune with creating highly experimental, high fueled Techno tracks that capitalize on the norm of Techno produced formulas and standards. Recently, John has enjoyed much success with his single release of Castlevania on Re Brand Records with his JOC moniker, and now, he returns for a colossal interpretation of Live & Learn. Sherry himself loves this rework due to its BXR flavored feel and the amount of risks that are involved are ridiculous to say the least. Simplicity and ingenuity is the key when trying to understand this track, as the entire arrangement is delicately orchestrated towards a minimal feel and understanding. However, each sound is unique and tribal, as it lavishly creates both groove and power to craft the mix towards a dark, driving end. The breakdown features the original breakdown in its prime, but quickly swaps that out for some mean, bullying synths that swiftly slow to a near halt before it begins speeding up with towering drums in tow. However, instead of heading towards the original, customary drop, it instead utilizes the drums as the main hook for the release, and the impact of this sudden switch up of sounds is enough to knock you off you feet with a fast punch to the face.



Mark Sherry- Live & Learn (Alex Di Stefano Remix)


Alex Di Stefano is arguably one of the hottest Techno producers in the scene right now, and is an artist who has support from all across the entire dance spectrum. From John 00 Fleming to Max Graham; to Bryan Kearney to Airwave and to Simon Patterson to Markus Schulz, this producer has been featured with artists in multiple genres and is receiving heavy success that is quite unnatural for the normal, run of the mill Techno artist. His success first exploded with his remix to Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink‘s The Box, and since then, he has been demolishing dance floors with each and every release. Sherry himself stated that Alex is his favorite Techno artist at the moment and that he was honored to get him to remix this track. After his success of his remix to Armystrial‘s Lost, his remix of Live & Learn is definitely one to fear with its quaking Techno basslines and enormous volume of raw power. This remix is full on Techno, as the simple combination of cracking desk hits, crisp hi-hats and booming basslines crush any who stand in its way. Deep, dark and groovy, this remix definitely fits in with the unforgiving German Techno style that decimates in underground clubs. However, it is the second release that is the one to fear the most, as Alex pulls out the big guns to bring us a mountainous drop that capitalize on the original Techno formula and flips it on its head. Gigantic elephant horns blare out arrogant war cries as the vicious, aggressive Techno basslines bellow out a smog like sound that drives the energy up to an 11 that continuously increases in ferocity and blood lust.



Both the Joint Operations Centre and the Alex Di Stefano remixes are out now on Outburst Records via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


Keep the music alive. -Q