If you get down with the more minimal side of electronic music, then we’ve got a treat for you: Dov1‘s remix of Addison Groove‘s ‘Just You’ featuring Josefina on vocals.

The track is light and airy, letting the drum beats do the talking. Dov1 fused elements of footwork and drum & bass to make sure there was a constant driving force, getting the most out of an otherwise very minimalistic track. The vocal work reinforces this vibe with spaced out, choppy placement. With almost the entire track being carried by the percussive elements, ‘Just You’ retains a very old school feel and sound; it’s not often you’ll hear something like this anymore.

Dov1 resides in San Franscisco, CA and is the main man behind Muti Music, an extremely forward thinking record label. He’s put his ‘Just You’ remix up for free download, so check out the stream below and grab a copy if you’re feeling the vibes!


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