Just in time for Halloween, Fiasko Daniels drops three banging original tracks that will have any haunted house dancing all night. Showcasing tracks such as his Wolfgang Gartner inspired Electro House tune, “Kill Them All”, and then a more future sound in “Back in Black”, where breakbeat house meets Fiasko’s signature talking bass in a whirlwind of originality. Although having an alternate perspective of music and visual aspects of art due to a condition known as synesthesia, it isn’t stopping this four time EDC Discovery Contest veteran and shows exactly why he gets invited back to play the most coveted festival in the world every year. Appealing to your audience through different styles, tempos, and genres while maintaining your personal sound as an artist is all but too overlooked these days but we’re happy to say Fiasko Daniels is a specialist when it comes to this. Don’t Be Afraid is now available in stores!