Today, Subterra Records released the Homebound EP from the UK producer Curious Kontrol. Your EDM is premiering “Bollywood,” one of the singles from the four track project, right here for you.

In creating this original, he dipped into the realm of trap mixed with vibes from the East. The song has a very iconic, memorable sound. You know you have a good melody on your hands when it stays trapped in the minds of listeners, and this is an example of just that. Really, most aspects of this song will be lodged in your brain. However, it’s definitely not one of those tracks that is overly cheesy/catchy; in all honestly, it’s not cheesy at all. Just amazing. And so are the other singles from the project. If you are looking to get your face blown off, then “Impressions” and “The Dopest of Fresh Swag” will serve you well. If you’re looking for something a bit more classy, then “The Way” is where you want to go. Get your copy of the EP below and enjoy the goods.

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