Calvin Harris has never been known for making the most underground music, but with this newest single I feel he has really jumped the shark.

There is nothing redeeming¬†about this track, and I mean literally nothing. Generic beats, riddled with pointless and dumb lyrics by Big Sean that lead into one of the most generic drops even by big room standards. I understand the subjectivity of music and how not everyone is going to like everything, but I mean really. Calvin, are you really this lazy and disinterested to put out something that contains not even a drop of originality? It’s immensely frustrating to know this song is by the same artist behind “Colours”¬†or even the more recent “Outside“. Calvin Harris has shown he is capable of excellent productions and great music. I’m not sure what he was thinking with this track, maybe what he took in “Slow Acid” hasn’t worn off yet.

Editor’s Note: This editorial is purely the opinion of the author. It does not reflect the views of Your EDM.