With his new EP “The End” now in the hands of his legion of fans, Never Say Die‘s Eptic is at a great place in his career. Now starting to shift his focus to exploring different musical grounds, we decided it was a good time to catch up with the talented Belgian.

Last time we spoke about your cat… how is Pawl doing and do you have any new funny photos?

Pawl is doing great, just being a cat doing silly cat things.  He’s been running low on pictures since his iCloud got hacked though…

Your new EP, ‘The End’ is sounding huge! Can you tell us a bit about it and if there is any story behind these killer tracks.

Thanks! So many people preached that dubstep is dead so I figured I’d prepare for ‘The End’. Of course, it’s far from dead! There’s not really a big story behind the whole release, I’m not quitting being Eptic like so many were thinking as well! All the tracks came out really spontaneously and I decided to widen my spectrum and try out some styles I’d been messing with for a while.

The track ‘She’ has a beautiful chillstep vibe which has been total contrast to your usual production. Can we expect more sounds like this in the future?

Yes definitely! To be honest, I was a bit scared that everyone was going to hate it because it’s quite different then my usual stuff, but since the reactions were so great, I feel more comfortable with releasing all sorts of music now.

Sub Zero smashed it on the remix duties, has jump up D&B had an influence on your music?

Oh yes he completely destroyed it! Without jump up I wouldn’t be here. Guys like Sub Zero, Original Sin and DJ Hazard are literally the reason I started music production and even dj’ing! It’s worth saying I giggled like a 12 year old girl upon hearing he was up for the remix…

Finally… When do you plan on coming back to the States, any shows planned yet?

I’m coming back for a few dates in the States and Canada in November! Milwaukee, Toronto and Montreal are just a few of many dates.

Pick up ‘The End’ on Beatport now.