Where Lazer Lazer Lazer is concerned, anonymity is quite a blessing. Among its numerous benefits, one stands tall — no one can hold you accountable for what you create. Sure, if it’s bad then it’s bad. But Lazer^3 can pretty much come out with anything and no one can complain, because hey, who would you actually be complaining to? You don’t even know!

Regardless, this isn’t the case with the new Masterplan EP out on Firepower Records tomorrow. Bone-rattling bass and relentless aggressive electro house fuel the EP with monstrous intent as Lazer Lazer Lazer & Helix High send their warmest wishes. Five tracks is what you’ve got to look forward to, and they’re all ready to blow your speakers up.

I was able to speak with Lazer Lazer Lazer & Helix High, whoever they are, about various topics including why anonymity is so damn awesome. Check it out below the EP, and be sure to grab a copy when it officially drops tomorrow.

Pre-order Masterplan EP here.

Has the anonymity enabled you to have more freedom with your productions? How so?

LAZER & Helix High: Of course, because no one can give us shit about our creativity, it is what it is like it or not and that’s why it’s so great to us, to just do what we like and feel. You can’t tell someone to paint the same picture for the rest of their lives, and thats how we feel about music in general.

You seem to have disproportionately more remixes than original tracks, is there any particular reason for that?

LAZER: Because to us remixing our favorite songs with our vision of them is pretty much experimenting and maybe get a good hint of what sound we wanna make in the future, so most of these remixes are unofficial and made for fun, and to envision things our way.
Helix: Only remix I have is with those 3 dudes, lots to come though.

Do you plan on touring any time soon?

Lazer & Helix: Of course, but it’s too early we think…we gotta get our shit together 😉

You’re new EP has collaborations with Helix High, who is pretty much unknown. How did that partnership come about?

LAZER: Oh…He’s known…that’s all I can say, and that’s pretty much how this partnership came about.
Helix: 😉

What’s your favorite track on the EP, and why?

Lazer & Helix: We feel every track offers a different sound than the other,
but the one that stands out for us has got to be ‘Mr.Crackspider’. Tested live many times and it goes down very well. 😉

Anonymity seems to be the “it” thing right now, with UZ and ZHU among others. What’s the deal, is it about artistic integrity or separating yourself from the music?

Lazer & Helix: Because fuck the police. #thuglife. But on the real, we believe it’s the right move for now… and it’s fun to keep everyone curious muahahah.

You obviously enjoy writing badass tracks with loads of bass. Have you ever experimented with any sort of downtempo music, or have any plans to release anything in a different style?

LAZER & Helix: Yes we all have history in different genres in the industry. Making those tracks didn’t take a week or a month, we put a lot of work into it, and that comes from our experience with other genres, but we can say we didn’t start from bass music. For your question, we are gonna release different stuff in the future until we build our home base sound.

Are there any plans to reveal your identity anytime in the future?

Lazer & Helix: Yes, when the time is right, and when we have more friends 😀

Where did the name come from?

Lazer & Helix: Somewhere in a far far galaxy…

Lazer & Helix: Thanks, if you like us that much go buy our first born EP coming on Datsik’s Firepower Records, November 4th, shoutout to all the scallywaggers & lazer pistols.