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Superstar DJ’s are starting to give back with various different fundraisers to help their respective causes. Avicii has teamed up with (Red), an organization at the the forefront on the battle against AIDS, in order to raise both awareness and funds. With his tremendous social clout, Avicii has organized a series of giveaways and prizes to get his fans and followers more involved with the process.

Custom Avicii shirts, hats and other items are now on sale with proceeds going to support (Red). If you don’t feel like buying anything, you can still enter to win an all expenses paid trip to party with Avicii but honestly, we encourage you to donate as well.

If you are feeling really down on yourself, there is also an opportunity to pay $1000 for a personal Avicii shoutout on his social medias. You know, because it’s totally worth $1000 dollars to get a facebook shoutout.

Check out prizes and support the cause below:


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