Electronic music, and life for that matter, discovers the best of both worlds when a collision happens between two elements never before combined. The collision itself, that point of impact, changes everything. The movies are so often rooted in those moments. As with scent, sounds can transport you. Ariana Grande showed us she is all grown up in her collab with Cashmere Cat, and her voice really popped with sex appeal as per usual with that darned cat.

Another unlikely matchup, coming to find out as of recent that Major Lazer are chock full of surprises. Tonight’s surprise feels like a whole lot of Ariana and not as much of Major Lazer. Dancehall probably isn’t the vibe the filmmakers were going for anywhere in the film, but it’s safe to assume that this song will appear sometime when the victors appear in the arena for the final games.

So while this isn’t traditionally Major Lazer, whose infectious sound is always to be desired, this track couldn’t be more perfect for the landscape inside the dome, and it isn’t just Ariana’s lyrics which are literally about mountains and skies. Major Lazer shows off their technical side on this track, showing a discipline that is unseen in the island feels of the influence of Carnival music and Dutty dirty lyrics. It is as if they stripped down the Major Lazer sound and built a new one that refused to let go of their roots but is crisp and clean, not quite a pop song but pretty much a pop song for this film.

The cool thing was the proces seems to reveal itself  to you, quickly reminding you that Major Lazer always wins.