Breaking news has just emerged of a counter-suit from the Yousaf sisters, Yasmine & Jahan, against former Krewella band-mate Kris Trindl, aka Rain Man.

On Friday court documents were filed claiming that Trindl’s initial suit is “a baseless lawsuit, and we have now responded with documents that set forth the true facts,” according to Richard Busch, who represents the sisters.

These papers go on to illustrate how Trindl failed to learn his craft despite agreeing to learn how to better DJ and play guitar in order to add to the groups live performances. Instead, the sole male member of the trio reportedly fell heavily under the influence of alcohol and would oft appear on stage intoxicated.

Eventually his supposed alcoholism lead to Rain Man feigning to DJ as his intoxicated performance only hindered the Yousaf sisters, leading to them pulling the chord on his mixer (unbeknownst to Trindl).

Along with his lack of contribution to live performances, Trindl fell short on the production end of things as well, according to the counter-suit. Although he received production credits on all twelve tracks from Get Wet, the filed documents claimed he “only wholly contributed” a single track & further contributed “little to no production” on at least four records. These circumstances lead to the sisters out-sourcing producers to help finish the album for Columbia Records.

Most drastically, however, the counter-suit claims that Rain Man resigned, in his negligence, as opposed to being fired. After being pronounced unreliable and falling off the wagon two months after promising to get “straight, [and] sober up” last September, the sisters and their renowned manager Jake Udell of Th3rd Brain realized something needed to be done.

“Kris was unaware of the intervention beforehand and at the intervention, it was apparent that he was not sober, with some commenting that they believed he was under the influence of marijuana,” according to court documents. “Everyone read letters to Kris expressing their love and care for him and their concerns for his well being. Kris refused to go to the sixty day treatment plan and instead told everyone to ‘F*ck off.'”

His actions were declared as “grossly negligent and he has violated his duty of care to Krewella Music LLC.” More details are laid out as his missing 68 of 212 shows from January 2013 to June 2014, threatening to sabotage live shows, absence from studio sessions, and more; which lead their team to denying Rain Man his 1/3 share.

Dina LaPolt, who is well known for representing deadmau5 and now represents Trindl as well, woefully admits to his flaws: “Yes he’s an alcoholic and an addict. The point that it took him a while to get sober, doesn’t give them right to arbitrarily throw him out and deny him his third share.”

She also defends her clients skill in music production and DJing, boldly stating “When they met, [the Yousaf sisters] didn’t know what was a middle C was on the keyboard. They still don’t. The only notes they know are bank notes.”

How these vicious and revealing suits end up working out, time will only tell. But, one thing is for sure: Krewella will never be the same.

Join them Sunday as they speak out, and check out the full court documents below:


H/T Hollywood Reporter / Th3rd Brain