I believe in the power of opposites. In this case, I’m speaking about bass music vs downtempo/ambient. Two sides of dance music at complete opposite ends of the spectrum.

Bass music occupies that gritty and aggressive end, where mosh pits happen and kids throw their arms up in the air in revolt of generally accepted cultural norms. Ambient is like a child’s laugh, touching your soul; there’s no need to be angry, the serenity of the music saps any anger out from your very core leaving you feeling lighter and less burdened.

The reason I explain this is to give you context into my writing – if you look through my post history, you’ll find that a vast majority of music reviews are of bass music. Dubstep, drum & bass, trap … whatever I’m feeling on that day. But smattered in between are a few ambient and downtempo tracks because I love to explore that other end of the spectrum.

“Silent” by EMBRZ might as well be the antithesis to any typical Excision track. The long, drawn out vocals by Amy Rose and deep soothing bassline are like medicine for your soul. Whereas Excision might aid you in relieving stress by dancing it away, EMBRZ assists in a more holistic method, generating introspection and awareness. If you take the time to let yourself be embraced by the music, you might feel absolutely refreshed.

“Silent” is part of an EP that will be released soon. If you like this one, you’ll for sure like the rest. Listen.