This isn’t your traditional American prom. BBC, England’s largest media network, has had a long standing history of the Proms. For eight weeks, BBC broadcasts over 350 pieces of music from all different genres, and with dance music being so essential to the UK, it’s only natural that Pete Tong is participating this year as well.

However, bringing dance music into the cultural celebration has been met with a few criticisms, as the wide array of music features a lot of classical and orchestral arrangements. Some feel that Pete Tong’s “Ibiza Prom” has no place alongside the Vienna Philharmonic, the Mahler Chamber Orchestra, and pianist Lief Ove Andsnes. But the legendary DJ is fighting back, saying that the Ibiza Prom is a smart way of catering to BBC’s younger demographic, who tune in religiously to Radio 1’s Essential Mixes and other resident programs throughout the week.

“Just to stay stuck in the past or stay stuck within rigid guidelines, whatever you’re doing, you’ll struggle over a longer period of time.” – Pete Tong

The Ibiza Prom, which takes place on July 29th at the Royal Albert Hall in London, will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Radio 1 in Ibiza, which Tong has been apart of. The event will include special guess Ella Eyre, John Newman, and Jules Buckley and his Heritage Orchestra. And it’s not just Tong who is trying to sway the minds of critics; Radio 3 presenter Suzy Klein called naysayers “snobs and scaremongers” as well. BBC’s Proms began on July 17 and will run through September 12. Check out the full list here.


Source: BBC

Photo: Ollie Millington/WireImage