Organizers of Toronto’s Veld Music Festival have decided to take extra preventative measures against drug and alcohol associated danger, following the two deaths and 13 injuries during last year’s installment. First, all attendees will receive a complimentary health and safety kits. These will include a site map, pointing out the locations of water stations, medical tents, information services, and food vendors, as well as a festival “do’s and don’ts” tip sheet.

The festival will be providing medical triage centers on site, and will be airing public service announcements during the times between sets. Jamil Kamal, INK Entertainment‘s Director of Risk Management described the situation as such:

Overall, there is a lack of international best practice evidence or guidelines for large-scale music festivals. We are working at the forefront of what we know in this area to make the safest festival for all.

Like festivals before it, Veld will have drug amnesty boxes located at the entrances. Attendees will be able to safely dispose of their illegal substances before entering the grounds, and will be completely free from police involvement.

While the trend of drug abuse and overdose at music festivals continues, Veld is undoubtedly taking a step in the right direction. By informing the general public about the substances they’re taking, and directing them to the right facilities should they be in trouble, they will catalyze a significant improvement in the overall safety and awareness on the grounds.


Source: TheStar