Producer KRNE has just unveiled the first track off of his second round of SESSIONS, a collaborative series with other friends and creators. This time, he drafted the talents of none other than Dabow. Both artists have entered the new year as entrants on our Artists To Watch list, and it’s now easy to see why. After combining their skills and styles, their monumental and complex trap track called “Stomp” is now in circulation. It’s currently available for free download here.

The track begins with distant stings of synth and short bursts of brass. Soon, the underlying rhythm emerges into the build, where a series of claps and swirls of white noise lead into the break. Gnarly, off-time tones rest above a rumbling sub bass and tight percussion section. Large, metallic sweeps offset the main melody while the horns continue to accentuate the rhythm. After a short cool down, the melody transforms itself into an abstract, screeching scale that rises and falls around the sweeps. The second drop becomes organized chaos, as different tones and syncopations line up and overlap with one another, creating a completely new atmosphere of intensity. Light plucks of string and a melancholy interlude close out the song.

Click here to download the track for free!