Today, The Dub Rebellion has uploaded a wild collaboration from Snails and LAXX, appropriately called “LZRS.” Featuring the malicious sounds and forehead-clutching rhythms of LAXX with Snails’ unrivaled sound design and attention to detail, this track becomes an instant classic upon first listen. The only problem with it? It’s only two and a half minutes long. It’s currently available for purchase here.

The track begins with a sharp pluck and descending bursts of horn until the percussion finally makes its way into the space. Bird tweets and distant tones can be heard echoing around the mix while a thudding kick drum and explosive snare carry the introduction’s rhythm. Soon, cascades of noise and powerful “lasers” lead the swell upwards towards the drop. Suddenly, a short growl of Snails’ classic synth transforms into a relentless onslaught of percussive twangs above a deep, gurgling sub bass. The lead sound changes its melody during the second round as hi hat rolls ring out on top.

To purchase the track, visit Beatport here!