As February draws near, the pristine beaches of Costa Rica’s Rancho La Merced are readying themselves as the setting for Envision Festival. As the world’s premier eco-conscious festival, Envision has been transforming the outlook of its patrons over the last 5 years, and steadily broken away from being a well-kept secret. In 2015, Envision sold-out their event for the first time, and its organizers have now purchased the festival grounds to build an even better setting for their patrons life-changing experience. And that experience doesn’t have to stop at Envision Festival, the organizers have gone on to add an array of pre and post festival retreats and tours to complete the transformational journey.

Starting as early as February 15th and lasting until Envision begins on the 25th, attendees can opt to enroll in educational retreats of varied focus. Before Envision opens its gates, there are four options: Embody, an immersion into the art of embodiment and dance; Jungle Clinical, an herbal medicine workshop; Grow Your Roots, an immersion into permaculture; and an Envision Tour, which includes elements of each retreat in addition to snorkeling, rafting, and zip-lining around Costa Rica.

Envision_Festival_2015_Andrew_Jorgensen_Beach_Ceremony - 12

And once the festival proper comes to an end, you don’t have to leave the magic behind just yet. There are two retreats to help digest what just took place in Rancho La Merced: Reboot Camp, a rejuvenating six-day retreat offering a cleansing meal plan, therapeutic yoga, dance, and surfing; and Shamanik Yoga & Longevity Now, an onsite retreat to explore the reaches of vinyasa, chakra activation, tantra philosophy, and more, complete with an intimate cacao ceremony.

If these all seem like unattainable fantasies, think again. The retreats start at just $200 and stay quite reasonable for an incredible value. Envision really has thought of everything, and we can’t wait to see what takes place during this year’s event. For more information on the festival, check out their official website.