Without a doubt, one of the biggest inconveniences at music festivals is the awful and intimidating set ups at the water stations and beverage booths. From the endless wait times and in-line mosh pits to the weak water pressure and disgusting trough underneath, the only enjoyable part about the entire experience is getting to take one desperate sip before the crowd of bros behind you yells for you to get out of their way so they can fill up their CamelBaks.

At some events like EDC, stations are equipped with hose-bearing workers who double-handedly spray high pressure water into attendees’ bottles, speeding up the entire process. But in my own experience, the bars and alcohol tents have never been given such a luxury. For those wanting a drink, the lines and fill-up times can often breach into 20 minutes or more, effectively ruining the set you hoped you’d be able to quickly return to. If only there was a way to expedite the beverage booths and allow buyers to hurry back to the music.

Enter Bottoms Up, a company dedicated to improving and speeding up the entire process of purchasing a drink. Their custom designed machines come with matching glasses that, when pressed onto the dispenser pads, automatically fill the glass with beer.

The bottom of the specially designed Bottoms Up glasses contains a strong magnet that seals the cup when removed from the dispenser. When pressed down against the machine, the seal is temporarily broken, allowing liquid to fill the glass without spilling. Bottoms Up currently sells both in-counter and countertop devices, with up to six dispensers per machine.

If implemented on festival grounds, the enormous number of beer-seeking attendees would be able to form their own lines at drink stations to allow those wanting mixed beverages a less crowded wait. With Bottoms Up stations in place to serve beer, the lines would undoubtedly move much faster with less responsibility on the workers as well. While the glasses are filled, cashiers could simultaneously handle the transactions.

Just food (or beer) for thought.

Watch the Bottoms Up device in action below, and cross your fingers for its appearance¬†during this summer’s festival season!