Everyone grab your totems, round up the fam, and pack the car. Bassnectar has just revealed he will be a returning artist for Electric Forest every year.

On the latest episode of Insomniac’s Night Owl Radio, Pasquale Rotella invited Bassnectar on the show as a special guest where the two discussed everything from his first rave in 1995 to his fans’ cult-like following. Early in the chat, Bassnectar shares his thoughts on the atmosphere at Electric Forest and why he’s excited to start his first festival residency.

“After last year, you asked if I would come in as an official resident, just to play each year, and I haven’t really done that officially for any festival yet, but I just kind of felt like there was nowhere else that felt like home for that.”

Listen below to hear the news for yourself, and for some behind-the-scenes details on Bassnectar’s new album, Unlimited. (Bassnectar’s section begins at 38:00)


H/T EDM Chicago