There is nothing quite like hearing your favorite song for the first time. It’s a magical experience that always stays with us. Fortunately, electronic music lets us relive that same feeling with a bit of a twist as remixes get released.

This time around, we share that moment with Disco Fries and their remix EP for “Earthquake” featuring Command Sisters, released with Armada Music. The original track, released in 2015, was quite the progressive house banger itself but this conglomeration of fresh takes make it a hit on several other platforms.

Dekagram’s remix of “Earthquake” revamps the track into the festival anthem we will be hearing a lot of this season, while Glover takes the sound into more of a deep house vibe. Arizon’s remix, being the most drastic sound change of the three, lets the Command Sisters’ vocals create a more laid back melody— perfect for your Summer ’16 playlists.

Check out The Disco Fries’ remix EP for “Earthquake” featuring the Command Sisters below!