Weird Together’s “Ready For This” is the epitome of everything we love about the eight piece ensemble, which works with a miraculous infusion of ethnicities from Nigeria, South Sudan, South Africa, Cuba, Trinidad, Tobago, the United Kingdom, and even New Zealand. Now, they’re unleashing their beloved single onto the world with a fresh remix package, and the Peacekeepers have caught our ears with an exciting new interpretation.

Torquing the cowbell and tweaking up the bass, the Peacekeepers have breathed new life into this record. The heart of the track is kept in tact with its infectious guitar and lyrics, but they’ve drawn the tension taught through the revised breakdowns and embellished percussion. Here’s what Weird Together has to say about “Ready For This” and the Ready For This Remix EP, out on 9/23 via Feel Up Records.

“Ready For This was a track born out of our festival sets and is definitely the heaviest thing we’ve done to date and we could have never predicted the response to it. We were lucky to get some absolute talent on this Remix EP and over the last few months getting a new mix in the mail has been one of the greatest thrills. It’s hard to pick a favourite but this mix from The Peacekeepers boys absolutely smashes it out of the park and over the last few months we’ve seen it turn the tamest of dance floors into instant bacchanalian rowdiness.”