The dance music world is immense. With seemingly hundreds of new artists popping up each year, it’s hard to really stand out unless you’ve really got something really special going on. Que in house music legend EDX, a Swiss DJ/producer that has been around the scene for over two decades and has really seen it all. While his tremendous impact on the music world has long been recognized, that hasn’t stopped EDX from producing new tunes that have kept his reputation a step above the rest. In celebration of another year of admired musical adeptness, EDX recognizes his newest broken barrier of reaching 350,000 Facebook “Likes” with an instrumental remodeling of his previously unreleased single, “Omertà.”

“Omertà” displays EDX’s production skill set at its prime. The song’s beginning slowly grows into an elusive sonic journey as the dark thumping beats, gratifying synth work, and cinematic chords eventually build into a classic club sensation.

EDX’s “Omertà” is available as free download for a limited time only – so get it while you can!