Music needs no borders, no nation-sanctioned homes nor any specified location of listening, it is the universal language of the world. Good music can literally come from anywhere (in the wise words of Gusteau). Sometimes here in the west we struggle with the process of discovering new music from outside our 4 walls. Most of the time we listen to music that originates from within our home country and understandably so. We sometimes fail to open up the window and take a peek outside to listen to the sounds from other parts of the world.

Supported by Pretty Lights, Mumbai native Sanaya Ardeshir aka Sandunes is known for her genre-defying electronica which combines eclectic sensibilities with progressive electronic elements.Sandunes3Sandunes recently released a full length album titled Downstream including 10 wildly diverse tracks that truly emphasize the innate beauty of sound. Sandunes covers all facets of alternative electronic music in Downstream, from ambient to atmospheric, trippy to experimental, it’s all thereCheck out what she had to say about her most recent work:

“With Downstream, I also wanted to create an experience through the movement of sound as opposed to telling a story with songs (perhaps a function of instrumental over lyrical music).”

Watch Sandunes performing Downstream live:

Listen to Downstream below.