After seven months of pure mystery, the two men behind the bass music project KUURO have finally revealed their identities. Strangely enough, the two faces that were revealed today weren’t so unfamiliar after all. Following some clever sleuthing by Redditor FabulousViking, KUURO confirmed in a Billboard article that they are – in fact – Luke Shipstad (1/2 of Suspect 44) and Jordin Post (aka Juventa).

Though Juventa has been widely known as an avid Monstercat supporter, absolutely nobody expected this. Even within their electro house single “Savage,” KUURO’s general sound hasn’t wandered anywhere close to either Juventa or Suspect 44, which is probably why this reveal is so insanely surprising.

Along with the reveal, KUURO released their single “Possession” today, which is arguably their most heavy-hitting song to date. “Possession” is the duo’s first attempt at moombahton and, well, the result is no less than great. Much like their previous singles, the builds are absolutely epic, but the drop is bigger and wilder than ever before, somewhat reminiscent of Skrillex‘s acclaimed “Red Lips” remix.

Could “Possession” be the track of the year? Listen below and decide for yourself:

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