On Planets is one of those rare artists you just know is going to push boundaries and have a long, prosperous career. I’m no fortune teller, but I can feel it in my gut.

My first time seeing On Planets live will be at Splash House next weekend in Palm Springs with a bunch of other amazing artists, so I had to reach out and get a read on his mindset and what he might have in store for fans. He was also kind enough to shoot over a playlist of some music he’s digging right now, which you can listen to at the bottom of this piece. Directly below you can listen to his most recent EP, Personal Space.

Find more info on Splash House here.

Hey man! So it must feel good to finally have your new EP out, right?

Yes it really does! A lot of things have changed in my life in the past year and it’s really important to have an album that kind of sums it up. I’ve since moved on a bit both musically and personally, but I’m glad that it’s there as a kind of memento.

How has the reaction been to it at shows so far?

I was worried when I wrote the EP that all of the textural elements may not translate properly in a live setting. So far it’s been great and I think that stuff shines through quite well, actually! I played School Night in LA the other week, and in such an intimate venue it felt quite immersive and natural.

How much do you already know about Splash House? This is your first time playing, so are you gonna stay for the whole weekend?

I don’t know much! It’s my first time playing and attending so I’m looking forward to getting the full deal. Definitely will be there the whole weekend; I’ve seen the videos and pictures from previous years and it looks phenomenal. Not the kind of party we usually have at home in Vancouver 😉

How much, if at all, do you switch up your sets based on where you’re playing?

My live set is largely changes over time as I write new music, but that one is geared a bit more for evening venues, and it’s pretty low key and sombre at times—I like to utilize space and dynamics, but it doesn’t really work when you’re hanging out by the pool!. As for SH, I’ll be playing a DJ set that’s a little more suited to a pool party, hopefully with a couple live elements included and some unreleased tunes snuck in there!

Do you have any friends on the lineup you might make an appearance for? Whether to hop on stage or just check out their set.

The lineup is crazy! Too many shows I’d like to see. I can’t believe that I’m on the same bill as Sam Gelliatry, Tokimonsta, Goldlink, Brasstracks… the list goes on. If you see me I’ll just be wide-eyed I think. You’ll definitely catch me at Pat Lok’s set. He’s also from Vancouver and it’s really exciting to see how far he has gone in the last couple years.

What’s next on the horizon for On Planets?

New music. The next sound is on the way. I’ve been digging a little deeper into my creativity lately and creating some really deep stuff that I’m excited to share! Keep an ear out this summer!!