For over a decade, Miika Juhani Eloranta and Janne Mikael Mansnerus have carved Finland’s touch into the modern trance scene and greater electronic dance movement. Together as Super8 & Tab, they have released a plethora of a melodic, power anthems including “Mega”, “Nino”, and their most recent track with “Falling Into You” with Johnny Rose. They have remixed many of their contemporaries such as Armin van Buuren, Tritonal, and Gareth Emery while having their music released on major labels A State of Trance, Armind, Armada, Anjunabeats, and many more.

I had a chance to talk with Super8 & Tab indulging them on their latest endeavors and general sentiments on their own music, the music around them, and the memories made from the odyssey of touring the world together.

From your recent touring and the success of your newer music, where in the world would you say that the trance/progressive sound is the strongest? In other words, where is the capital of trance music today?

We have a great scene in Finland and we’ve done great gigs in Asia and Europe, but at the moments perhaps California and Australia are the strongest for the trance sound. 

What is usually the first aspect of a song you two work (i.e. melody, vocals, beat, etc.)?

More often than not we start with the melody, but that varies too. Sometimes it’s the beats and bassline.

Your remix of Armin van Buuren’s track “Never Say Never” from his 2008 album Imagine was featured on his latest compilation album The Best of Armin Only. How did that remix come about?

Oh that was fast, very fast. We were given a really strict deadline and we put the remix together in two days, but it came out great. Armin is happy and we are too.

The last time you guys had an album out was the release of Unified in 2014 and before that was your debut album Empire  from 2010. Are you guys working on a third Super8 & Tab album and if so, when can we expect to see this potential album?

There’s no album in the works as we speak. We’d love to do an album and we probably will again in the future, but the music industry these days is all about streaming and keeping a strong constant release schedule. I think we will probably be ready for the next album when we have some sort of concept for it. 

You’re back in Miami to play at Heart Nightclub. When was the last time you were in Miami and can you tell us about that experience?

We played Miami some time ago for the Anjunabeats Party. It was great to play for all those Anjuna heads. We always have good memories from Miami.

Since playing nightclubs is different from playing music festivals, what kind of direction do you take in a nightclub setting?

In nightclubs we are usually able to play slightly longer sets so we have the possibility to play from a wider selection and add in some classics too. Usually in the clubs we also test new tracks.

Last year, we asked you what artists you were following outside of the club scene and your answers were Flume and MØ. Any new artists to add to the list?

The new xx album is interesting.  Also we recommend checking out some of that ‘man-trance’. Nice and melodic techno.

What is the craziest story since you two began your journey as Super8 & Tab that you want to share from touring?

We went to play to Mar Del Plata in Argentina where they’ve used to listen really deep house and techno. The first 30 mins no one dances. After 45 mins they started to warm up to our music. At they were going wild. We kept going for almost 4 hours until we were told to stop and the crowd went mad. They didn’t want us to stop and started to throw everything at the DJ booth. We were escorted quickly by 5 bodyguards.