I first wrote about Bronze Whale all the way back in 2015, but it’s really their remix of Imad Royal’s “Down For Whatever” that came out last year that hooked me. Ever since, I’ve subtly kept up with their releases, writing up one or two here and there. In the past couple of years, the duo has grown and evolved their sound to the level of a true rising producer.

Tomorrow, they will officially release their remix of Robotaki & Manila Killa’s “I Want You,” but we’ve got the plug and we’re giving it to you a day early.

The remix doesn’t have any headbanging drops or wild, arm-flailing moments, but it does have a consistent and wonderful melodic progression that urges you to close your eyes and just sway. A lot of that is owed to the vocals of Matthew John Kurz from the original, but Bronze Whale’s own spin puts a wonderful twist on it.

Check out the remix below, and grab it when it officially drops tomorrow!