Before being sent this remix, I’d never heard of Benta, I’d never listened to Benta… now, thanks to Paris & Simo, I want to know Benta better. The Canadian duo just took on “Road With Seven Lanes” by Benta and completely transformed it.

The original takes the word “vibe” and amplifies it, leaving massive empty space in the track, focusing on huge drums, melody and vocals. There are very few harmonics and fills, creating a more-so hypnotic atmosphere than anything else.

“The world’s a small place, and becoming a smaller place. And there’s nothing between us ‘cept a road with seven lanes. This is a track that’s driven by the beat, the hard hitting drums. It’s a track to drive to. A track to make you feel. A track to groove to.” – BENTA

The remix, on the other hand, is pure melodic house, raising up the vocals and creating a carefree, dancey vibe that surrounds you with warmth and ease. Maybe that’s a bit cheesy, but close your eyes when that drop comes and just let the sounds overwhelm you – you’re gonna feel good.

Check out the Paris & Simo remix of “Road With Seven Lanes” below.