A lawsuit has officially been filed by one of the victims of the Las Vegas shooting from 10 days ago. Paige Gasper, 21, is filing against MGM Resorts International and its subsidiary Mandalay Corp., festival organizer Live Nation, as well as Slide Fire Solutions, the maker of bump stock devices that were used by the gunman.

Gasper suffered life-threatening injuries when a bullet shattered her ribs and lacerated her liver. She’s suing all parties for negligence

Gasper’s lawsuit claims the hotel and its parent company “failed to properly monitor Paddock’s activities and responded too late to the shooting of a hotel security officer.” News came out recently that a security officer was fired at six minutes before Stephen Paddock opened fire on the crowd at Route 91 Harvest.

The suit further claims that the concert promoter, Live Nation, “was negligent for failing to provide adequate exits and properly train staff for an emergency.”

Gasper will have a difficult time in court trying to prove these allegations, according to legal experts.

Victor Schwartz, an attorney specializing in injury cases, spoke to Reuters and said that “in order to hold MGM liable, victims would have to show the company could have foreseen the shooting and taken steps to prevent it.”

The lawsuit further claimed the maker of the bump stock that Paddock used, Slide Fire Solutions, of negligence. The devices were made confirmed legal during the Obama administration, after one company that manufactures the stocks asked if they were subject to the same 1986 gun law that outlawed automatic weapons. At the time, the ATF ruled that bump stocks were legal.

Another law passed by U.S. Congress in 2005 was made to shield manufacturers of firearms, component parts or ammunition from liability if their products are used to commit a crime. It’s not clear whether the “component parts” clause would apply to bump stocks.

Again, this will make Gasper’s suit difficult to prove.

Gasper also alleged battery and the intentional infliction of emotional distress against the estate of Paddock, arguing the shooter acted with malice and evil intent, causing her injuries.

The lawsuit was filed on Tuesday in Clark County, Nevada.


via US News