The iconic EPIC 6.0 show from Eric Prydz is on the horizon… and if we had to take a wild guess the photo below just shared by the legendary producer is an exclusive look at the all new setup.

With no caption to go off, it’s possible this mysterious box could mean anything. It could be an album, or a tour, or an all new concept we can’t even fathom yet. But it does make sense that this would be the first hint at the most coveted Prydz show of the year. The EPIC show, complete with an insane laser show and holograms that will blow your mind, is an unmissable event for his most loyal of followers.

As a fan points out in the comments, Adam Beyer also just shared the same photo via his social media — which can only mean he and Prydz are up to something.

The suspense is killing us. Whatever this means, we know it’s going to be absolutely EPIC!

Eric Prydz Teases EPIC 6.0?

Posted by Eric Prydz on Tuesday, December 12, 2017