Burning Man is onto some seriously next level art installations… The event just announced the 2018 Temple: Galaxia by Arthur Mamou-Mani!

The 3D Galaxia looks striking even in photos, but the concept behind it is so much more than meets the eye. The international temple is a direct reflection of the increasingly global nature Burning Man’s community.

In an official announcement, Burning Man shares insight on the giant mandala-inspired piece, set to debut at the gathering in 2018:

Galaxia celebrates hope in the unknown, stars, planets, black holes, the movement uniting us in swirling galaxies of dreams. A superior form of Gaia in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series, Galaxia is the ultimate network, the fabric of the universe connecting living beings into one entity.

Organizers also offer up the construction behind the Galaxia installation:

Galaxia is shaped of 20 timber trusses converging as a spiral towards one point in the sky. The triangular trusses form different paths towards a central space holding a giant 3D printed mandala, the heart of Galaxia. The timber modules start large enough to hold small alcoves in which people can write in peace. As participants walk through the path, the timber modules lift up and become thinner and thinner towards the sky as people reach the central mandala.

For more information or to get involved visit BurningMan.org.