It’s been nearly a decade since Deadmau5 and Rob Swire last teamed up on 2009’s “Ghosts N Stuff.” It’s one of deadmau5’s most iconic songs, in large part due to Rob’s vocals in the mix. Now, fans who were lucky enough to be watching one of his streams yesterday were lucky enough to hear a new work in progress that sees the two teaming up once again.

With a working title of “Monophobia,” this new demo so far features deadmau5’s newer, more piano-driven style than the pounding house beats that he was pushing onĀ For Lack Of A Better Name. And for his part, Swire sounds absolutely angelic. The 8-minute demo is a marathon of beautiful melodies and percussion.

As with most deadmau5 demos, there’s no release date yet, or any indication that this will eventually be released at all. All we know is that we’re happy these two are working together again.


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