Don Diablo dropped his latest album, FUTURE, earlier this year in February. It’s been one of our favorite albums of the year, no doubt, but fans can now expect “something big” to come from Don Diablo later this year in the form of FUTURE XL.

With little information to go on, it’s unclear exactly what FUTURE XL could be. FUTURE has already released a deluxe version of the album, so a remix album is a good guess. Another guess is that it’s going to be another new album with new material along the same sonic lines as FUTURE. That one seems a little less plausible, but is still within the realm of possibilities.

What we do know for absolute certain is that whatever FUTURE XL is will be happening on December 8. It’s still a long way off, but we doubt that Don will leave us wanting for extra info in the time between now and then.

Take a look at the teaser video below and let us know if you think you can figure it out!


08.12.2018 MARK the DATE 🤖 #MoreInfoSoon

Posted by Don Diablo on Monday, June 4, 2018