Days ago, ticket buyers were warned about a potential hack in which Ticketfly user information was stolen — and now we’re learning just how serious that data breach actually was. It’s been found that personal information from a startling 26 million (EDIT: now upwards of 27 million) users have been compromised.

The data breach includes many names, phone numbers, home and billing addresses, and 26,151,608 unique email addresses, according to Have I Been Pwned founder Troy Hunt. Luckily, no credit card info or passwords were included in the leaked files, but the mysterious hacker is threatening to post more data if ransom demands aren’t met.

For some time last week, the ticketing website was blacked out and read, “Ticketfly HacKeD By IsHaKdZ.” The website remains offline and users are being directed as follows…

We’re working to bring back up as soon as possible. In the meantime, we encourage you to keep checking in on your favorite venue/promoters’ websites, social media channels, or box offices. Shows are on and tickets are available online and onsite. Please visit for additional information. You can log into your Ticketfly account at

According to Motherboard, the hacker initially demanded a ransom of one bitcoin to fix a major vulnerability in the ticketing site. When IsHaKdZ didn’t get what he wanted, he completely defaced the homepage.

Ticketing Security Breach


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