Pretty much anything goes at Burning Man — but, please, don’t poop on the Playa. Too many Burners have apparently done their business on the dusty grounds of their own rave haven, and not only is that pretty disgusting, but it’s raising some serious concerns with an environmental agency.

Local publication Reno Gazette Journal has issued a PSA-like report after the Bureau of Land Management brought up this big ol’ steamy pile of a problem. Although Black Rock City is two hours north of Reno, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, pooping and peeing in the deep Playa is still a big no no.

To keep bowel movements more in control this year, “mobile rave zones” will reportedly be parked closer to Porta Potty banks and there will be more signage reminding people to use toilets. Because, yes, even full grown adults need that from time to time.

Burning Man volunteers and staff are already prepared to “search for and quickly clean up human waste deposited during deep playa music events.” But this year, BLM wants them to take it a step further and “hand out or ask Burners to bring pee bottle and poop bags for camp and deep playa events.”

The Reno Gazette Journal puts it best in saying, “Your zipper on your giraffe costume might be busted or a 100-foot-tall, 100-foot-wide dust devil might be in your way.” But, you still gotta go potty like big boys and girls — even when you’re partying it up at Burning Man.


Source: Reno Gazette Journal