Calling all Rezz fans! Ya girl has a new song coming out this Friday — but you can hear part of “Flying Octopus” right now.

The downtempo track stealthily creeps along, moving in slow motion. That signature Rezz vibe enchants every single sound, from the hypnotizing high notes down to the low wubs of the bass. Just 48 seconds is all you get for now, but “Flying Octopus” will have you hanging on the edge of your seat wondering what comes next.

“i’m rly excited for this one,” she reveals in a tweet.

Listen to some other known IDs from Rezz’s forthcoming sophomore album Certain Kind Of Magic here — and get ready for the full album about to drop August 3rd.

Which is your favorite track so far? Ours has to be “H E X,” her new collab with 1788-L.

Rezz – Flying Octopus


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