Be prepared to pay top dollar if you want to own Samsung‘s revolutionary foldable smartphone. According to a new report, the device could cost as much as $1,770 — although the source also says Samsung hasn’t yet determined the exact price point.

Yonhap News Agency originally reported that the smartphone, nicknamed “Galaxy F,” could cost up to $1,770. That’s even more than Apple’s most expensive iPhone X model with 500 GB of space. But hey, it bends so it must be worth it, right?

The forthcoming smartphone with “Infinity Flex” display utilizes an advanced polymer to make it flexible and durable. So much so, it can apparently be bent over 200,000 times and still maintain quality performance and visual aspects.

The “Galaxy F” acts as a traditional smartphone with a 4-inch screen or expands into a 7.3-inch tablet, which promotes multitasking. According to the Samsung, “the foldable phone is a completely new concept in terms of design and user experience.”


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