It came from outer space!! A stunt so brave, it took two madmen to attempt it. The dashing duo, Crizzly & Figure, set off to make history this last weekend at The Soundstage in Baltimore, VA. The two young bass-heads tempted fate as they knew it. Such a mathematical equation could have had astronomical results! A Costco Combo Pizza Slice + A Baker’s Dozen Helium Balloons = ???

That equation turned out to be pure madness as the crowd went bonkers and was what some referred to later as being “totally tits”. Some may be concerned about the potential hazards of artists “launching” edible treats into their fans, but fortunately the duo has invested many hard-earned dollars and research and development hours into this project to bring us the safest artist-to-guest delectable delivery system on the planet.

What is assumed to have started as a joke between friends, quickly evolved into an unexpected reality which lead to the eventual unleashing of said unmanned pizza drone into their unsuspecting audience. We expect this to set a new trend through the community in the coming 2014 year – just imagine a fleet of unmanned helium balloons aimlessly lifting pizza and other miscellaneous munchie snacks around the club late at night. This is the future of food. This is the future of music. This is the future – Crizzly & Figure proved you don’t need Amazon Prime Air-like drones to deliver the goods people want right to them. No, it takes about a handful of balloons and a pizza on your rider. Well done chaps.

Video via Facebook