Photo Cred: Georgia Modi

Recently we got a chance to speak to Dominic Lalli half of Big Gigantic. The duo of Dom and Jeremy will be closing out the year in style in none other than the Big Apple. Big Gigantic will be hosting a two night run at the Roseland Ballroom. We are bringing you the chance to win a pair of tickets to the December 30th show and will be joined by mash-up masters The White Panda, and the king on Twonk himself BRILLZ. 

Here is what Dom had to say in our interview and enter the contest below:

YEDM: First I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Can you give us some background on how you got into producing and DJing Electronic Dance Music?

D:Well we are sort of musicians first who got really into electronic music and DJ’s. We started jamming with friends who were DJing and things like that and then decided to start writing our own tunes and getting our own concept together how we wanted to present the music in a live setting.

YEDM:Over the past few years, you have gone from playing smaller shows to headlining festivals and hosting your own NYEevent, how does that feel?

D:Ahhh it feels so amazing and we feel so blessed to be able to do what we love every day as well as present our musical vision to so many awesome people

YEDM: Where would you say your top 3 citys to play in are?

D:Denver/Boulder and NYC and Chicago ohhhh and Atlanta too 😉

YEDM:What do you see for you guys in 2014?

D:We’re in store for a big year and it hasn’t even started yet haha. No but honestly it’s gonna be a great year. We’ll be releasing our album in February and then doing quite a bit of touring in the US and internationally and playing a bunch of festivals. It’s gonna be a great year!!

YEDM:What can we expect from the upcoming album?

D:You can expect a lot of really dope, fresh Big Gigantic music. This album is by far our greatest album we’ve put together. It feels very fresh and funky but also really heavy and super fun in general. We can’t wait to get the whole album out!

YEDM: Where do you see the EDM scene going in the next 5 years?

D:I think things have settled in a bit at this point and I don’t think we are gonna see as much of an ‘overtaking’ of the whole music scene like we’ve seen in the past 5 years, but, I think we are gonna continue to see its presence in all other kinds of music from pop to hip hop and rap. The EDM community is very strong and I think it’s gonna continue to evolve and really be something that’s gonna take us further into the future of what is possible musically.