Currently one of the hottest Techno producers around the world, the mighty forces of Alex Di Stefano has plunged the entire Techno scene into a dark and grimy era where industrial sounds reign supreme and the rhythm of the beat keeps the madness turning like cogs in a machine. Alex first jumped to fame when he reworked Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink‘s The Box into a massive, Tech fueled monster that was constantly hammered by DJ’s such as Max Graham, Simon Patterson, Bryan Kearney and John 00 Fleming, (to name a few). Since then, he has transformed into a relentless powerhouse that has been on point with each of his productions, whether it be his storming singles of Metamorphosis on J00f Recordings or Phoneutria on Yellow Recordings, to his gigantic remixes to Cristian Varela‘s Pornogames on Yin Yang, and his upcoming remix to Mark Greene‘s Call It Badness on Elektrax Recordings. We first covered his exploits when he engaged in a wickedly hot remix to the iconic Mark Sherry classic, Live & Learn on Sherry‘s newest record label, Outburst Records, (which you can read here: ). Now, Alex takes a stab at a new double EP entitled Escape From The Past and Dark Purple in order to forge into new territory with full on Techno fury.

Both tracks are absolutely fantastic in their own volition, but we here at Your EDM have decided that the B-Side is actually the better of the two, simply because it takes the most risks within its own, inner constructions. Dark Purple is a bold new step within Alex‘s career, as he is now actively experimenting with doses of Tech Trance within his own Techno fueled wrath; which is something that many DJ’s are simply not comfortable with nowadays. We have to say that after listening to it for the first time, we can deduce that this ‘Tech Trance era’ has the potential to be something monumental within the world of Trance, and this track is definitely a great first step to achieving that goal. Clipping around an intense 130BPM, Dark Purple starts off in true Techno fashion, with blistering percussions, delicious Techno hi-hats and plenty of white noise effects to keep the pace and the interest high through the piece. The basslines however, are set within the classic Tech Trance outline, and continuously pumps corrosive fluids that burn through the legs and empty the mind into a hypnotic trance of rhythm and groove. Within the breakdown is where we start to hear the inklings of Trance with sinister synths scathing away in a manic, ritualistic dance as the oncoming fury of percussions and sound effects reach a ferverant high with adrenaline coursing through its veins. Finally, it slams hard onto the floor with a brutal, demonic Tech line that is both minimalistic and maximalistic, as the bellowing basslines cracks and opens up the floors into the deep dark abyss with no hope for escape in sight.

Alex Di Stefano‘s newest single, Dark Purple, is out now on Outburst Records via Beatport, so make sure you purchase your copy and support real talent today! Make sure you check out Escape From The Past as well; massive!


Keep the music alive. -Q