Check your system and make sure the subwoofer is on, because Sayer and Bleep Bloop just dropped some insanity!

These two bass hustlers both hail from the Bay Area and they both specialize in cosmic crunk and hyphedelic weirdness. So, you can imagine our excitement when we heard they were collaborating on a track. Hopefully, it will be the first of many because ‘Trample Dem’ is some FIRE. Channeling what could only have been the energy of an elephant stampede, Sayer Bleep Bloop come at you hard and fast with pulse-pounding 808 hits, grimy synth shrieks, and all the unexpected, glitchy switch-ups you can handle. In other words, ‘Trample Dem’ is a certified dance floor destroyer; once it has you in it’s grip, you’ll have no choice but to flail around until the storm passes.

The best part? Bleep Bloop Sayer are giving this one out as a free download! Check out the full track after the jump and make sure to support these up & coming forward thinkers.


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Facebook || Soundcloud || Twitter