The week of Thanksgiving is a very special one, as we all rejoice with friends and family in remembrance of what our ancestors did and give thanks all that we have; we also pick our favorite bass producer for the week of November. We had some extroadinary features this month, and some really close polls. With all that being said, have a great Thanksgiving, be safe and vote for your favorite Bass producer of November below!

D.R.U Sounds – The Aftermath

After falling in love with EDM after hearing acts such as Skrillex and Zomboy, D.R.U slowly made his transition from local bands to computer producing. He attributes his move to the endless possibilities that dance music can evoke. ” There is no better feeling than making a huge sound on your own, controlling the groove, melody, arrangement, flow. This coupled with the ability to share my tracks with the world makes producing music my favorite thing in the world.”

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Tonicity – Impulse

Residing in Calgary, Tom started producing after being introduced to EDM about four years ago. He draws most of his influence from such artists as, Fractal, Au5, Seven Lions and Varien. Growing up playing classical piano for nine years, Tom shoots for one day incorporating heavily emotional EDM with his expertise in classical melodies and chords. Tom is certainly one to look out for as when I first heard his above track, I was nostalgically reminded of productions from Seven Lions and Fractal, my two go-to artists at the moment.

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AndroBit – Villains

A lover of “crossblending” genres, and you can certainly here that in his productions, Andre has that sound that everyone looks for in their music; and nails it while incorporating sometimes unconventional sounds and riffs. Hailing from LA, the man himself his very driven to succeeding and will be a good match up for all his counter parts in this week of Fresh Face Friday.

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Monthly Results Of November

-Chris W-

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