For all of you music producers amongst us family at Your EDM, we are giving you a chance to feature your music. As you’ve seen at least once by this point, we cater to closet producers that welcome any and all exposure to their brand. The “Fresh Face Friday” competition has been a huge hit within the Your EDM community and has led us to decide to open up submissions once again. You may submit your music to be featured below.

Now for those that are unaware or want a quick recap, “Fresh Face Friday” benefits small time artists in our scene that make killer music and are exploring every avenue of promotion. The competition is broken down into three parts and every part you advance becomes more difficult as the people you compete against up the chain have also won their own rounds. Now following the weekly and monthly segment, three winners are placed one last time together for Your EDM’s family to vote on who is most preferable. The winner there is awarded a complete one on one bio and their newest original single or a mini-mix uploaded onto Your EDM.

You can view the in depth rules and guidelines for “Fresh Face Friday” here but while you’re on the page, submit your tracks below. Artists selected will be contacted prior to the competition via email.

For previous rounds of Fresh Face Friday, or to stay up to date with the competition; just type “FFF” or “Fresh Face Friday” into our search bar.


-Chris Wood-