Deadmau5 just became one of the world’s fastest DJs with a brand new addition to his car collection, the BAC Mono Supercar. Manufactured by the Briggs Automotive Company, the new supercar is 1 of 26 in the world and is easily one of the most sexy cars alive. Going from 0-60 in just 2.8 seconds and having a top speed of 178mph, the BAC Mono Supercars are custom built hand crafted to give each car its own unique touch.

Before the BAC Mono can be delivered it must go through extensive testing to ensure it is up to the standard that their customers have come to expect. Test driver Oliver Webb, also known as the 2014 European Le Mans champion, takes the car out on the airport runway to give the car a proper run. Once he gives the final approval, the car is signed off for delivery.

A few months ago we had reported that the car was nearing completion and now with the first test drive complete, the BAC Mono is almost ready to be shipped:

“It’s been a really smooth test this morning. We’ve got our miles, now it just has to go back, have its brakes bled, then it goes back out for 25 more road miles and then gets signed off and sent away.”

You can check out the test run and final checks below:

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