The internet is a powerful place where content can go viral in the blink of an eye and stories can transcend race & culture with no limit to who it can reach. Millions upon millions, and even billions of people use various social media hubs, and far too often there are truly disheartening happenings in the URL world; a place where bullies can hide behind computer screens typing furiously away.

Anonymous message board 4chan is such a place, and has been the spawn of many viral occurrences through the web. Another case presented itself with the posting below which subsequently gained a ton of attention after appearing on Imgur.


The post, which aroused an incredible amount of support for the man pictured, was soon picked up by the popular @CassandraRules who offered to have a private dance party for the gentleman with only her and other female supporters in attendance. This picked up to a point where hundreds, and now thousands are planning on attending this party.

Through the wonderful power of the internet, and specifically Twitter, the dancing man has been found and is very excited about the dance party (but we’re pretty sure anyone would be, at that). This all goes to show that dance music in particular revolves around a culture of freedom of expression and the acceptance of fellow man for who they are in their most basic form. A truly touching story, this is what we love to read about.



H/T: Buzzfeed