What a week it has been for Monstercat! Including this one, the last three releases have all been from “anonymous” producers – Karma FieldsPylot, and now Tristam & Braken.

This is not the first time that the two have collaborated on a track together, either, nor is it even the second. First was “Flight” back on Monstercat 012 and most recently “Frame Of Mind” on Monstercat 017, the latter of which remains one of my favorite Monstercat releases to date. The newest release “Far Away” is sort of the next step in the duo’s collaborative process. “Flight” was dubstep, “Frame Of Mind” was Drum N Bass, and “Far Away” is brilliant prog house. (I also just noticed that they all start with ‘F’… not sure what that means, but definitely interesting.)

Once again featuring Tristam’s brilliant vocals, the song is paired with euphoric synths and an absolutely contagious bassline. Still, above all else, the sound design and arrangement on their collabs are what truly blow me away. The ebb & flow of the song is exceptionally well-crafted, as are each other the elements that make up the song. The drums are crisp, the synths are mastered, all of the individual audio tracks are harmonized. There’s really nothing that Tristam or Braken can do wrong.

Aside from the inspirational lyrics “We will start from the start” (huehue), the song gets high praise from me. Check it out below.

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